Amazing Frog?

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Amazing Frog is a sandbox adventure game where you control an anthropomorphic frog wandering around the town. Run and slide, ride cars and enter shops, jump on trampolines, and do whatever you want! If you like Goat Simulator, Untitled Goose Game and their likes, download Amazing Frog; you’ll enjoy it!

Froggy Frogg World

There is a small town by the ocean, designed in 3D. The town is full of people; they enter houses, drive cars, go shopping, live their regular lives. And there is a big frog that you control. It’s amazing to be this frog!

There is no regular life for the frog: there is constant entertainment and exploration. You just jump around the town and try its facilities. You can jump on trampolines, drive cars, enter stores, do parkour tricks, and so on. And yes, there are vehicles you can ride and even weapons you can use on this town if you’re feeling tired of it. Ride a helicopter! Fly with a jetpack! Destroy a building with an explosion!

Dive deep into the ocean to meet a giant shark!

If it isn’t enough, there is a (pardon) fart gym. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s probably the most impressive object in the whole town. But the developers may invent something even crazier. So start tracking the game now, while you can explore it just before the next update.

Despite all these visual riches, the size of the game is just about 6GB. Other system requirements are also quite low: it’s even compatible with Windows 7. So if you’re searching for a decent game to play on old hardware, this Frog is really amazing.

This Game Has No Aim

It’s fun to explore the town alone, but even more of that with friends. The game supports up to four players on split screen if you connect locally.

The developers put a lot of work to make this world worthy of exploration. First, the ragdoll physics used here makes every move of the frog funny, even when you master it. Second, there is always something new to find, no matter if it’s in the town, outside of it, or deep in the ocean. Third, the game constantly gets updates with something new! It’s still in Early Access, so the developers do not grant it will function properly. But, on the other hand, you see the adventures of the frog evolving just before your eyes.

But if you’re searching for some story, or for quests to complete and get rewarded for, or for some rivals to beat and leaderboard to climb, you’ll be disappointed. Amazing Frog is a self-sufficient game where you forget about everything and just enjoy the process. Amay-ZEN.

Do we recommend Amazing Frog?

If you like relaxed explorative games where you don’t have to kill, outrun, solve, and just wander around, it’s the right sort of game for you. Download Amazing Frog? and get the entire town of entertainment where you move like you never can in real life.



  • Great physics (especially when it comes to the frog)
  • Rich imagination
  • Freedom to select your pace, your style, your entertainments
  • Constant updates with new content
  • Local multiplayer.


  • No aim, just process
  • Some jokes may seem indecent.

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 9

Replay Value 9

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