PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X: The Future Of Leading Consoles Confrontation

After a long-awaited release of the new PS5 that has been watched by more than 11 million people worldwide, we have entered the new stage of competition between Microsoft and Sony. But are these two actually competing? Or maybe we are about to see a groundbreaking consolidation? Let’s discuss the two approaches currently represented by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are the latest console series presented respectively by Microsoft and Sony. For more interesting facts about the modern console generation that will help you choose your perfect model, read our blog. You can also visit Xbox and PlayStation websites for more info. 

Two Different Paths: PS5 Vs Xbox

With no exact release date for PS5, Sony has revealed that it will take place on Holiday 2020, thus getting us prepared for the intense battles between the console and Xbox Series X on Christmas 2020. This brings us to another necessity of making a choice between the two giants, but are they actually competing?

Microsoft has chosen to shift its priorities from growing console sales rates to improving the ability to reach users anywhere, from any device. Taking into account the 2.5 billion gamers worldwide community, this approach looks pretty logical and far-sighted.

entrance to the office of the Microsoft

Sony’s approach represents a bright contrast to this view, with the company’s focus on  “home” console. This was followed by a significant investment in custom technology. They have a custom SSD drive, controllers with haptic feedback, and other upgrades of its hardware. And their strategy has already proven its efficiency with 110 million PS4 units sold worldwide. 

Keys to Leadership

Looking into the future, Microsoft follows its idea of “everything for everyone, anywhere” with their Xbox Pass service that provides its subscribers with free access to more than 100 games for Xbox and PC. Another great strategy they are working on is backward compatibility that allows games for Xbox One to work for Xbox Series X, too. This makes their users sure they won’t spend a ton of money on the same games after purchasing a new console.

Sony has an absolutely different approach, stating that they “believe in generations”. The new PS5 will be compatible with PS4, but there will be games that will only work with PS5. This strategy has already shown great results with The Last Of Us game, which has kept leading positions for both PS3 and PS4.

playstation 4 controller

Playing Games

The growing difference in approaches is easy to see in the game playing features: while Microsoft focused on online playing options and growing associated ecosystems, Sony focused on developing exclusive games for the platform. Thus, comparing PS5 vs Xbox Series X, users will choose the games they want to play. Single-player narrative-driven games will, for sure, be represented by PS5, while Xbox will demonstrate broader online opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Comparing the new Xbox and PS5, we see two different ways for future console development, each having their strong sides and interesting perspectives. This confrontation looks like the clash of different cultures that might become great partners, mutually strengthening each other. Which approach to console development do you prefer? Let’s discuss it in the comments.