Spotify Vs Apple Music: Choosing the Best Music Streamer

Choosing the best music streaming service, it always comes to comparing the market leaders: Spotify vs Apple music. Both having equal subscription fees – $9.99 – the two streamers have to thoroughly review to see which one fits your listening habits and preferences. Which one will be better for your device, music taste, and library? Let’s find out.

Spotify and Apple music are some of the most popular online music streamers worldwide. To keep up with the recent updates in music streaming or upcoming features and updates, read more of our blog posts. If you need a free trial to make a choice or you have already done it, register on Spotify and Apple Music

Subscription Features

To help you get acquainted with the service, both Spotify and Apple Music offer a 3-month free trial for the premium account services that actually cost $9.99 per month with special offers for families for $14.99 and a student discount – $4.99 a month. If you need to know how to cancel Apple Music on your iPhone – you can do it in your Apple ID Subscriptions List. Spotify also has a Premium Duo for users that live together for $12.99 and provides access to Hulu and Showtime for students Premium Subscription. Its main plus is a free ad-supported tier for all Spotify users, while Apple Music has only Beats 1 Radio for free users.

Music Selection & Navigation

spotify desktop client navigation

While comparing Apple Music vs Spotify quality of navigation, Apple music has wider options, giving users the ability to find the song they don’t know the name of or type the song lyrics in the search bar. Both apps can be navigated and with Google Maps with the user interface for iOS and Android. Waze has a similar option for Spotify subscribers. 

While Spotify says it provides its users access to over 50 million songs library, Apple Music currently has over 60 million. Both can give access to certain albums, and Apple Music can offer the same for particular music videos. Apple also provides you access to the iCloud music library from either PC or phone, while the Spotify app gives you access to local files only. However, Spotify’s main benefit is access to podcasts in the app, while its competitor has special Podcasts on Apple Music app.

Listening Options

The strong side of both apps is accessibility for both iOS and Android devices: it is possible to download the app on the smartphone, PC, and Tablet. In case you don’t have the app, both Apple and Spotify allow registered users to access their profile via the official website, where you can turn on your selected files, and both services have cross-platform use options.

It is possible to use wireless speakers for both of them, while HomePod will work only with Apple Music. For Google Smart Speakers, and various certified Spotify Connect devices, the only option is Spotify, but both devices will perfectly display the required music files via Amazon Alexa. 

smartphone with music app opened and wireless speakers

The Bottom Line

Making a choice, start with your budget: in case you want a free service, Spotify is your perfect match. For those looking for a paid service, it is more complicated to prioritize. Apple Music perfectly plays everything on Apple devices and is the only option for HomePod users. Spotify has wider cross-compatibility with other services and created perfect recommendation playlists. So, while you are opening your Apple Music or Spotify account to start trying the service, pay attention to the details. In case you have already chosen the app, which one? What were your key arguments? Share your experience in the comments.