The Key Strengths and Weaknesses Of Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King is a recent comeback of the key Nintendo hero that is already available for Nintendo Switch. This game will take you on a new exciting journey with the favorite characters, although its rating amount other game releases in the series might provoke some questions. Let’s go through the key benefits and pitfalls of the game.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is a new release of a well-known role-playing puzzle-solving video game. On our website, you can learn everything about the Mushroom Kingdom and the main Mario’s enemy Bowser by taking an exciting walkthrough for Paper Mario game tips. Play and download Paper Marios ROMs on the Nintendo website.

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All There is to Know About Paper Mario: The Origami King

For the experienced Mario series fans, it is evident that sometimes even the best releases can’t go without a flaw: for example, you might remember how De-Evolution Gun of King Koopa acted in the Mario Bros. movie. Thus, let’s look at what we can point out in our detailed Paper Mario review.


  1. It is impossible to resist the overall charm of this game. You will meet a lot of surprising plot twists and unexpected decisions taken by Paper Mario characters. 
  2. Another great advantage of the game is its humor. A classic Paper Marios series humor is present in numerous silly and wacky comments and funny situations, making the game even more attractive.
  3. The creative design of this game makes it a decent representative of the Mario game series. Either you have already played the Paper Marios games or not, the paper-thin version of Mario and Luigi won’t leave you half-hearted.
  4. And the final benefit you can’t miss in the new Paper Mario Switch game is Toads. These fungi folks are hidden between trees or put in folders. Collecting them, you will be able to achieve 100% completion of each level, and they also will help you during the battles.


  1. Battles system. Meeting the Folded Soldiers, Mario has to take part in a turn-based battle, turning and spinning part of the round stage to put soldiers in a straight line or just put them together. This task is closer to puzzle and has nothing fro a classic RPG game.
  2. Going further, the recent Paper Mario release has a lack of RPG game elements. For that whole, the classic RPG from The Thousand-Year Door, the turn-based battles, no leveling-ups, and much of the equipment might be a real disappointment.
  3. Another controversial game element is not-bottomless holes that have to fill with confetti collected during the task. It gives you just a few coins, taking a lot of time sometimes being almost pointless.
  4. The game is full of mini-tutorials, especially at the beginning, that takes a lot of time and sometimes being useless, explaining the simplest moves in detail.
  5. Maybe, the most complicated flaw of the game is the reputation of the Paper Marios series as a whole. 

The Final Point

paper mario: the origami king gameplay screenshot

With a series of strong and weak sides, The Paper King is definitely worth trying, especially for the Paper Mario fans. If you have already played the game, you for sure have found your pros and cons. What are they? Share your arguments in the comments.