Rocket League Update: Game Leaves Steam On Summer 2020

Rocket League has prepared a bunch of news for us to share this summer. From a recent Rsyonix report, we found out that Rocket League is going free to play later this summer. It will also enter Epic Games Store, closing access to new users on Steam. New Rocket League update will have highly improved options for in-game tournaments and challenges. 

Rocket League is a  video game that combines arcade-style soccer tournaments with high vehicular dynamics. You can find out more about how to play the game on our blog, and we highly recommend you to download Rocket League Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, or XBOX version just now. 

The good news for Rocket League for Nintendo Switch fans is that the game will be free to play, and users that have already purchased it on Steam will be able to play with everyone: the game will support cross-play mode for all platforms. Rocket League price is currently $19.99, but keep in mind, new gamers won’t be able to buy or access it on Steam. Another great news is that players that have already taken part in matches will receive Legacy status with awesome bonuses:

  • All Rocket League branded apps released prior to going free to play;
  • Golden Cosmos booster;
  • Dieci-Oro wheels;
  • Huntress player banner;
  • “Est. 20XX” title with the year of the player’s first appearance on the Rocket League virtual field.

Rocket League will be released on Epic Games Store on PC when it becomes free to play, and this version will be just like the ones presented on other platforms with a cross-platform play option. Going free to play, Rocket Lead for free will provide all players who have already purchased the game with full support and access to all upcoming updates and features. Thus, Rocket League update will be available for each player for free regardless of the platform or game version: Rocket League for PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

rocket league ball on the game stadium