Spotify Streamer Launches Video Podcasts, Competing YouTube

Spotify is now supporting video podcasts globally, offering its users a list of podcasts to watch online from their mobile phones and desktops. Spotify web player will allow both paid and free subscribers to access video content from selected creators. This update is already presenting a decent competition to YouTube.

two men are recording a podcast

Spotify free to download service is an audio and now video streaming online platform that also provides media services. Spotify is a Swedish service founded in 2006 and operated by Spotify AB. It gives users access to DRM-restricted music and podcasts. To know more about how to stream on Spotify, read our blog posts, and download the app on the official website

The best thing about new video podcasts from Spotify streamer is free to access to background listening to video content for all users, unlike YouTube, that offers this option to paid subscribers only. Spotify will make all users seamlessly switch between video and audio versions. Audio content won’t stop playing during multitasking or locking the smartphone. It will still be possible to stream audio content or download podcasts on your devices. 

Launching Vodcasts will help Spotify grow their audience because previously video versions of the podcasts streamed on Spotify were uploaded on YouTube, dividing their audiences into two separate groups. This will also help them to build a more close connection with their listeners. Users can still buy Spotify streams without ads via Spotify Premium.

Vodcasts has started with access to a handful of Spotify most streamed artists:

  • The Morning Toast;
  • Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay;
  • H3 Podcat;
  • The Misfits Podcast;
  • The Rooster Teeth Podcast;
  • The Book of Basketball 2.0;
  • Fantasy Footballers.

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