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Cisco Webex Meetings is a videoconferencing app that allows you to host virtual meetings with friends or coworkers. The app features high-end video and audio, multiple conference members support, many various video layouts, and so on. It’s a great tool to work remotely or to keep in touch with your friends even during the lockdown.

Distant Meetings

The main feature of Cisco Webex Meetings is a videoconferencing toolbox. The app allows you to host or join video meetings with your coworkers or other contacts. There’s no need to create new account as you can just use your phone number to let other users find you in the app – or ask for the host’s number to join other meetings instantly. You can even join conferences automatically by adding an event to the calendar or special widget.

The quality of video and audio Cisco Webex Meetings provides is superb. If your Internet connection is stable enough, you shouldn’t have any problems while using the app – and it seems to use your mobile data quite effectively. But there’s always a chance something may go wrong: your screen turns black on random, voices get distorted, and so on. If something like that occurs, try to shut down the app and start it again, this method allows you to get rid of most problems.

Not only can you join meetings using your calendar, but also it’s possible to schedule meetings without even closing the app. Cisco Webex Meetings allows you to create entries in your calendar with built-in options, and there’s also an option to record your meetings and playback them right from the app’s own interface. This makes the app really useful when you have to participate in busy meetings when you’re not that relaxed.

Other Options

The variety of videoconferencing features is impressive enough, but Cisco Webex Meetings has a few other options that make using this app even more comfortable. The interface is clear and intuitive, and you don’t have to guess who’re calling you and why – you get all of the information about an incoming call right there on your screen. Of course, there’s always an option to decline a call or leave a meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings is also great for lecturing or just showing something: you can share your entire screen to other conference members or crop the most important part of it in real time. There’s also this option to customize video layouts that you can use to make the interface even more useful. All in all, it is easy to tailor to your needs, and you don’t need to purchase any additional options.

Do we recommend this app?

Cisco Webex Meetings is simple and useful, and it offers a lot of customization options. The video and audio quality is high, too. So it’s definitely recommended for any purpose.



  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Random freezes of conferences.


  • Free videoconferencing toolbox with lots of options
  • Integrates with your calendar to schedule meetings
  • Incredible quality of audio and video broadcast
  • Many useful features like various video layouts.

Design 8

Key Functions 8

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 9

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