Garry's Mod

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Garry’s Mod is a physical sandbox by Team Garry and Valve. This unique game lets you create your own games and sketches on the game engine using the advanced gamified toolbox. Here, pistols and plasma rifles let you not only shoot but also control objects and change their physical properties in no time. Garry’s Mod is available for PC and Mac on Steam game store. 

Graphics – 4/5

Garry’s Mod is powered by the latest version of the Valve’s Source engine. It’s quite hard to call the graphics cool as the actual level of visuals has stuck somewhere in 2011. However, you won’t feel uncomfortable because of that as the possibilities of the engine are superb and you can use them without any special knowledge. You can also upload your own 3D models and textures to mix them while playing and create absolutely anything that comes into your head. And no, it’s not made of blocks like Minecraft. 

Controls – 5/5

It’s hard to imagine such a detailed sandbox game with better controls than Garry’s Mod provides. The developer managed to create an intuitive navigation system that lets you quickly find and modify objects that you need and move on. When you enter the gameplay mode, you get the controls similar to Half-Life 2 and CS: GO. Both games are well known for excellent FPS controls. The only downside is that you can’t use a console controller. 

Game Plot – 5/5

There’s totally no plot in the game. But you can create it on your own, and it’s awesome! The toolkit of the game lets you implement almost any scenario that comes into your head and make it look like a really good indie game. You can create and animate characters, engineer vehicles, and script scenes to achieve the needed result. 

When the work is done, you can play your game and invite your friends to join it and have fun together. In fact, multiplayer parties are the best thing about this game as they’re usually incredibly fun and crazy. 

If you don’t feel like designing levels, you can download any of the free user-created games from the library. There you can find games in numerous categories related to a huge number of topics. Just type in what you want, and the chances are high that you will see something good. 

Worth a Replay? – 5/5

Playing Garry’s Mod, you can create an unlimited number of worlds and play millions of user-created games. If you like the game during your first day, you will definitely return to it as soon as possible as it offers the most addictive physical sandbox gameplay ever.  

Get Ready for Madness

If you like crafting stuff and having fun with your friends, Garry’s Mod is really the game for you. It’s also an excellent source of explosive gaming humor and meme scenarios. I recommend you to record the screen while playing all the time as you will catch hilarious moments every time you log in.


  • Convenient crafting tools
  • You can invite your friends to your own games
  • There are numerous games by other players
  • Simple to learn
  • No limits to creativity.


  • Graphics haven’t been updated for years
  • May feel a bit dull offline.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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