Green Apps for Eco-Minded iPhone Owners

Do you remember Captain Planet? If you need a refresher course, he and his charmingly diverse, apparently-truant teenage accomplices roamed the globe fighting criminals bent on polluting lakes or endangering wildlife. (Why the bad guys were after the world’s recycling centers and wetlands in the first place remain somewhat of a mystery.) Unfortunately, the real battle against ecological destruction involves much less laser fire and no magical rings at all. You can, however, put some of your household technology to work in the fight against pollution by checking out our list of iPhone apps to help you go green.

If going green is your new resolution, your first question is probably “where do I start?” Look no further than Green Genie, the App Store’s first hub of green knowledge. This encyclopedia of all things ecological will have you buying from the right stores, calculating your carbon footprint, and completing green projects to make your home more energy efficient. Green Genie’s creators designed the app as a knowledge base, which includes a products glossary, links to web resources, and much more. Where eco-friendly ideas are concerned, this app has it all!

Aimed at those who want to be more green but perhaps need a little extra motivation, RecyclePix may be the most unique and interesting green app on this list. Users take photos of themselves performing green tasks (mainly recycling) and then use the app to redeem their pics with select retailers participating in a reward program. This app turns going green into a game that could net prizes such as free movie tickets or a night out on the town! This program is still up and coming, so expect more retailers to join in as word spreads.

Do It Gorgeously

From bestselling author, Sophie Uliano comes to Do It Gorgeously, an iPhone app based on her wildly popular series of books for going green. The app features a comprehensive video collection of green living tips and tutorials. Wondering what sort of non-toxic cleaner can remove that nasty stain? Interested in finding safe toys for your pet or youngster? Sophie guides users through the steps of completing their green projects, leading to healthier and happier lives.

My Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? In this case, it’s your stuff that’s free, however. My Free Stuff is an app designed for users of Freecycle, an Internet-based item-exchange service where users donate their unwanted items to others who can get some use out of them. If you have tons of old stuff cluttering your living area, consider Freecycle as a means of making some room without filling up the landfill. With My Free Stuff, it’s a snap to organize and post Freecycle photos using your iPhone. The app even helps compose the post after uploading your chosen picture to the website. What more can you ask for?

Maybe you’re new in town and unsure where to find an organic smoothy near your new workplace. Perhaps you’d like to go explore a new part of the city you’ve called home for years. Either way, Greener Spots will help you to locate the best green eating establishments, farmers’ markets, clothing stores, and many more. Greener Spots works with the iPhone’s mapping software to show you a detailed and accurate map of all the eco-friendly businesses in the nearby area. Users can filter for the type of services they’re searching for. Never again wonder whether there was a better alternative nearby! Greener Spots makes sure you’re up to date with the latest green info in your area.


Sponsored by the Glad corporation, Trash Smart really earns its name (the second half, at least!) If you have an odd item to dispose of, it’s not explicitly recyclable, and you’re worried that it shouldn’t be thrown in the trash, look no further. Simply enter the item into TrashSmart’s recycling center finder, set a radius, and let the app tell you where to go. Glad has taken a stand for intelligent waste management, and as they say, “small changes make a big difference.” Keep your batteries and industrial lubricants out of the trash heaps by using this green app to find your nearest recycling center!

Is your mobile device a secret weapon for saving the world? Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite iPhone apps for going green!

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