Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor is the horror game from Dynamic Pixels, which lets you sneak into the house of your Neighbor. Only this way, you are able to find out what is hidden in his basement. You may download Hello Neighbor on your PC from Steam.

Visuals 9/10

In this Hello Neighbor review, we must mention the extreme vividness of the graphics. The game is available on numerous platforms, including mobile and Nintendo Switch. However, the PC version is considered to be original. The graphics in Hello Neighbor game is always called the most developed comparing to other versions. While the picture is definitely well-design outside the house, the inside of the Neighbor’s home is rather empty. However, the color palette is still bright.

Sounds 9/10

Sounds in Hello Neighbor PC game may easily get annoying after several hours in the game. This is why it is recommended to lower them down. Yet, if you want to hear the steps of the Neighbor behind your back and react until it becomes too late, you have to leave them turned on. Sounds in Hello Neighbor full game match perfectly with the gameplay. They are incredibly atmospheric.

Plot & Characters 10/10

In Hello Neighbor horror game there are no so many spooks, ghosts, monsters or so on. You will not meet evil spirits or zombies. The game has a unique well-developed story. And the main villain is a human being with all his ups and downs. There is an extremely interesting story of a Neighbor and his family, which you may want to hear. You will have this chance in Act 2. 

The game offers:

Act 1. You play as Nicky Roth, a boy who suspects that his Neighbor across the street has some dark secret. One day he decides to break into his house. So the story begins. This act is considered as a Hello Neighbor demo, as it is free of charge and you can explore all your possibilities there. You have to break into the basement by finding all the keys from the locks. After you get inside the 1st act ends.

Act 2. It begins where the Hello Neighbor free 1st Act ends. You got caught by Neighbor. You need to get very creative to be released. This is when you can look around the house of your enemy, simply to find out everything about his past.

Act 3. This is the last act. You have grown up already. You come to visit your old house, simply to understand that all your nightmares somehow connected to everything you witnessed in Neighbor’s house. Find the key to the story.

Replays 8/10

The replay value of Hello Neighbor latest version is poor. Once you find out all Neighbor’s secrets, you unlikely will be so eager to look for the clues. However, you may try to improve your overall score in the game. Besides, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to outsmart Neighbor, who is a brainy AI anyway, and win the game with the first attempt.


Download Hello Neighbor on your PC and find out the story of Nicky and his Neighbor. While the game is considered to be horror, it is more of a mystery-solving. The game has numerous advantages, including a well-developed plot and interesting main characters.


  • Atmospheric design
  • Well-developed storyline
  • Interesting characters to play.


  • Unrealistic graphics
  • It is not free of charge.

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 9

Replay Value 8

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