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IMO is a social platform where you can make high-definition video calls and chat whenever you need to, without any limitations. As I have to stay in touch with my colleagues throughout the day, I decided to give it a try, especially since you can download the app for free.

Interface: 7/10

The interface is quite simple and minimalistic. I personally like that kind of interface when there is nothing to distract you, but some users may consider it as a flaw. Be it as it may, but for me, it was pretty intuitive and I had no difficulties figuring out how to use the app. 

There are only 2 panels – for chats and for contacts. Be careful when choosing the contact you want to call, as you might accidentally choose the wrong one. I had such an unpleasant experience a couple of times. 

Features: 7/10

First off, video calls with this app are really in high-definition. In most cases, you can clearly hear what the other person is saying, and the video is pretty good, too. If the Internet connection is reliable enough, there should be no problems getting in touch with your friends or colleagues.

If there is no need to call, you can share photos and videos with your friends in a matter of seconds. As with any media-sharing tool, you should be cautious and thoughtful about which images and videos to share as they become available for other users. If you’re a parent, explain to your child what is appropriate to share via IMO and how to interact with acquaintances and strangers.

Also, there are a ton of cool free stickers, which we’re so used to these days. Be careful with those as well: I ended up actually sending them when I just wanted to explore my options. Long story short, you need time to get used to the interface as it’s restrictive to some extent.

The app also offers group chats along with private ones. For both, chat history messages are stored so you can come back to them later and reread if needed. 

Performance and User Experience: 8/10

The download process is pretty easy: you need to enter your phone number and verify your account with a code. My contacts were automatically loaded from my smartphone’s contact list, but you could also use an invite button to add someone from your device’s contact list to the IMO contacts.

The feature which I find the most useful for me is group chats where you can make voice or video group calls. My colleagues and I use it pretty much every day except weekend to discuss current projects and, well, just chat =)

Devices Compatibility: 9/10

The IMO app is compatible not only with iPhone and iPad devices but also with all android devices. There are even versions for Windows PC, Mac PC, and for Blackberry. So, IMO will be there for you anywhere you need it, be it at home or at the office.

The Verdict

To sum up, IMO is a pretty handy communication tool that has all basic settings and options for making voice and video calls. They’re usually indeed in high definition, and what else do you need from an app like that? Also, IMO has some useful features like group chats, stickers, the opportunity to share photos and videos, and so on. So, I give this app thumbs up despite its minor cons, especially since it has come in pretty handy in my particular case =)



  • IMO has a pretty basic interface that one may not like so much
  • Some options aren’t free: for instance, to block ads and get 25GB cloud storage for your photos and videos, you have to become a Premium Member that will cost you about 1$
  • The app isn’t working in areas with no Internet connection.


  • The decent quality of video calls that is noticeably better than that of the other apps like that. I find IMO definitely better in video calling than Viber, for example
  • As the developers say, all your calls and chats are encrypted in order to protect your privacy
  • The app is pretty light, so it won’t take up a lot of your smartphone memory.

Design 7

Key Functions 7

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 9

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