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Minecraft is an arcade open-world game with multiple possibilities for fans of building. The game was created by Mojang and now available on almost all platforms, including mobile. Millions of users download Minecraft and play it every day. The game did not lose its popularity with years.

Visuals 10/10

Players who still have not joined the game may be wondering whether the worth of the graphic being praised by critics around the world. You have to see it for yourself. In this Minecraft review, we are going to mention only the facts about the game, being objective. 
The unique graphics of Minecraft game is what makes it so precious. With multiple blocks, you can create the masterpiece yourself. There are all conditions for you. It is like an empty blank of colorful paper which you are able to decorate.

Sounds 10/10

Sounds in the Minecraft arcade totally match the current action. They are not too loud, so you would not be distracted from the game itself. Besides, you can always turn them off in case you don’t want to hear them. There is a special button that allows you to mute everything. Yet, you may find all the sounds really entertaining,

Plot & Characters 10/10

Minecraft game is one of the most popular games around the world. It has not lost popularity for many years. And while developers continue to add more updates almost every month, gamers continue to build new empires and worlds inside it. 

The Minecraft gameplay does not have one particular linear plot, which significantly increases its replay value. The game offers several modes which you will enjoy:

Creative mode. This mode is for creative people who prefer to concentrate on building everything around, instead of surviving. There are not so many adventures, however, you can create everything you want. You won't need food to stay alive. You will have an unlimited amount of energy and no enemies that will attack when you expect them the least.

Survival mode is quite the opposite to creative mode. There will be angry mobs that will attack you. You will start the game without anything except ax. You will have to take care of food and water. Don’t forget about shelter unreachable for various monsters, which include zombies.

Multiplayer mode gives you and 10 your friends the ability to communicate while playing in Minecraft full game. Choose specific realms or wander around, exploring everything the game offers. You will have access to your own server.

Replays 10/10

You don’t have to choose one specific time of activity or mode once the Minecraft install process is over. Players prefer to explore everything in the game before deciding which activity they are willing to join. There is no one single story inside the Minecraft game. There are numerous stories created by players. If you run out of inspiration, you can always watch other players work.


Minecraft Android game is one of the most interesting arcades of our times. The game is colorful and attractive. It does not have a story, but you quickly become an active participant in the entertainment. Players may choose between various modes after they download Minecraft on their devices.


  • Vivid graphics
  • Multiple modes
  • High replay value
  • Multiplayer.


  • The game is not free of charge
  • It requires a strong Internet connection.

Graphics 10

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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